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The Haiti Revival Movement

Spiritual revival to revive Haiti 

Background information

On January 12, 2010, Haiti has been hit by an earthquake that crippled the country even more. Life has not been the same since then. 

The Haitian people have been through much pain and agony. Darkness surrounds us at a time of Haiti fatigue. We are dying. 

But beyond the multidimensional or even sempiternal crisis that led us to the abyss of despair, there is a spiritual battle that needs to be waged. 

Amazing Grace is calling on Christians to engage a long process of national revival to transform Haitian heart for peace and prosperity. Attached is a copy of our letters to ministry leaders related to the first phase of the movement. 

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Key dates

March 2023 - Amazing Grace Ministries called on the Haitian Diaspora to pray and fast every third of the month.  

January 20, 2024 – Amazing Grace Ministries present its plan for the transformation of Haiti. The plan has three key moments: 

I.    Preparing for Revival: Prayer and Consecration 
II.   Equipping the church to meet emerging needs.
III.  Turning the church into an engine of development 

February 7, 2024 – Haitian religious leaders in the United States, Haiti, Dominican Republic met for a special prayer to ask for:

  1. Responsible leadership to lead out of the wilderness. 
  2. Forgiveness of our trespasses 
  3. Prayer warriors to intercede for radical transformation in Haiti. 

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