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Amazing Grace Ministries of PBC, Inc is a para church ministry with a passion for lost souls and a commitment to sound doctrines and teachings leading the way towards spiritual revival. Romans 1:14–17; 3:21–31; 8:18–23; 2 Corinthians 5:16–6:2

Dr. Ralph Cheriza launched this ministry in 2023 based on a conviction that God wants to use him in a unique way to rescue lost souls. 

He has a unique story of overcoming insurmountable challenges. He was raised by a single mother and overcame a prognosis that he would never learn. He was sustained through it all by the faith of his mother Angelia Francois. He cannot wait to share his story 

He has been preaching the gospel since his teenage years and strongly beleive in the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. 

Vision Statement

"A fellowship of beleivers engaging in a ministry of reconciliation with God" - 2 Corinthians 5: 11-21

Mission Statement

"Seeking and feeding lost sheep" - John 21:16

Core Values: 

  1. Authentic Christian Fellowship
  2. Christ Centered Ministry
  3. Evangelism, discipleship through accountability
  4. Grace, redemption, and humility

Mailing Address:
4300 S Jog Road # 541586, Greenacres, FL 33454